Posted by: FBRuralDevelopment | 01/31/2012

2012 Community Development Academy

Want to hone your skills at making a difference in your communities?

Learn how to cause participation wherever you are! Create leaders all around you! Move through conflicts without being stopped!  Experience the Community Development Academy! 

Two courses are being offered March 26-30 at Mercy Center in St. Louis, Missouri.  Course 1, Building Communities from the Grass Roots, includes: Community-based development principles and concepts, Complexity and polarization of communities, Group process, group dynamics, team building, Dealing with differences, Accurately assessing the community, Practicing community inclusion, The action planning process, Evaluation and monitoring, Developing community indicators and measuring impact, and Developing local leadership.

Course 2, Empowering Communities For The Future, includes: Keys to sustaining the future of communities, Grounding development in community, Understanding the local economy and economic development, Role of local government in the local economy, Participatory action research, Discrimination and community development programming, Working together: networks, partnerships, coalitions and collaboration, Building effective community organizations, Governance and civil society, The environment and sustaining the future of communities.  (Course 1 is a prerequisite for Course 2 or instructor’s permission.)

Who should attend?  Non-profit organization members, neighborhood association members, community organizers, community planners, faith-based professionals, volunteers, Chamber of Commerce members, extension and outreach professionals, planning council and city council members, utility and electric coop members, Main Street programs designers, developing leaders, school teachers, administrators, government personnel  and anyone else who is out to make a difference in their community! Participants have diverse backgrounds with universal appeal. See for yourself the results you can produce!

 Register for this professional development opportunity by visiting the Missouri State University Community Development Academy website. Earn continuing education credits, undergraduate credit or even graduate credit. Limited scholarships for registration fees are available.

 Here’s what some recent participants had to say:

“I’ve shifted the way that I look at my community and the work that’s being done in it. I have an educated lens with which to evaluate the things that are going on and through which to provide insight and assessment.”

 “The partnerships I learned to build through CDA have been utilized in creating drug recovery programs, a mental health treatment center, and faith-based children’s programs.”

  “It is the transformation of our society. To see someone, who was idle, doing some activities that are generating an income. The CDA participation has helped me to empower our community. This gives me a lot of joy.”

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